12 novembre 2018 ore 11:00
Borsa Merci - Forlì
Inauguration of the National Egg Commission

Starting from 12 November, at the Forlì Goods Exchange, the National Egg Commission in kind for consumption will come into operation, the so-called CUN Eggs. Its establishment was defined by the Directorial Decree of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and Tourism...

12 settembre 2018 ore 18:15
P.zza Saffi - Forlì
World Egg Day 2018

The World Egg Day was celebrated all over the world on October 12, the "World Egg Day 2018: Forlì, the capital of Italian aviculture, also did it with initiatives that involved both the public and the catering world in city. Established at the 1996 Vienna Conference, the World Eg...


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