30 marzo 2019


29 marzo 2019


28 marzo 2019


Fieravicola is really getting going: a technical meeting has involved the Chinese delegation, represented by Yin Chengwen, the vice executive secretary of the “China animal agriculture association”,...

28 marzo 2019


25 marzo 2019

Fieravicola, in love with innovation

The 51st edition of Fieravicola opens its doors in Forlì today in the presence of Davide Drei, Mayor of Forlì, Alberto Zambianchi, Vice Chairman of the Romagna Chamber of Commerce and Stefano Gagl...

12 marzo 2019

Fieravicola looks to African markets for growth

Poultry farming in Romagna was the protagonist at a meeting with African diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome, where the Romagna system was presented together with the Fieravicola of Forlì...

23 febbraio 2019

Tasting the Poultry excellence in the restaurants of Forlì

On the occasion of the 51st edition of "FierAvicola", the Forlì will become, for three days, the European capital of poultry farming. The restaurants of the historic city center will be prot...

1 febbraio 2019

The Italian poultry industry towards International markets in Forlì

FierAvicola is by far the Italian dedicated event for the poultry supply chain. The exhibition is a ‘one stop’ show for the decision makers within this industry. Over those five decades it has estab...

30 gennaio 2019

Sustainability, animal welfare and, above all, antibiotic-free aviculture: feed industry and breeders meet at "FierAvicola 2019"

Sustainability and well-being in animal production; high quality raw materials, ingredients and feed additives to improve animal health and welfare; removal of antibiotics from animal production: these topics w...

8 gennaio 2019

FierAvicola to strengthen Italian poultry industry

“FierAvicola” 2019 will be held from 27-29 March at the Forlì Exhibition Center in Forlì, Italy. With an exhibition area covering approx. 20.000 sqm, FierAvicola is the leading trad...

12 novembre 2018

National Egg Commission - Forlì

Starting from 12 November, at the Forlì Goods Exchange, the National Egg Commission in kind for consumption will come into operation, the so-called CUN Eggs. Its establishment was defined by the Direc...

22 ottobre 2018

Fashion and cooking to celebrate the "World Egg Day" in Forlì

Forlì, the capital city of Italian aviculture, celebrated the "World Egg Day 2018" creating a number of initiatives that involved both the public and the world of catering in the city. On Frida...

10 ottobre 2018

Forlì, the Italian capital of aviculture, celebrates the World Egg Day 2018

The “World Egg Day 2018” was celebrated all over the world on October 12th: Forlì, the capital of Italian aviculture, also did it with initiatives that involved both the general public and th...

12 luglio 2017

Italian wheat - bringing value to the land

Bringing value back to our lands Like every year, Agrilinea's editorial staff, in cooperation with Fiera di Forlì, has produced a TV talk show dedicated to cereals, with particular reference to th...

6 giugno 2017

From FierAvicola Forlì the challenges of sustainability in the region and the international promotion of the sector

Talk show on the sector, on scientific, associative and political dimensions. Global Exhibitions Day organized by UFI (The leading global association of the world’s tradeshow organizers and exhibition ...

6 aprile 2017

Poultry farming, a healthy sector

CONFERENCE ON "THE HEALTH SITUATION OF ITALIAN POULTRY FARMING: FOCUS ON THE MAIN DISEASES REPORTED IN 2016" Forlì, April 6th 2017 - At the 50th edition of Fieravicola the veterinarians of S...

6 aprile 2017

Best Stand Design

At Fieravicola, beauty is rewarded. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Fieravicola event taking place in Forlì, the awards for the “best stand design” went to the three most in...

6 aprile 2017

Opportunities of poultry farming in Italy and in other Mediterranean countries

What does Italian poultry farming have in common with poultry farming in other Mediterranean countries? What are the growth prospects in the most productive areas? To what extent can the Italian poultry farming...


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