Professionals admitted in our Buyers’ program and Guests of Fiera di Forlì will benefit from

·         Personal badge, which give free access to the trade show and to the International Lounge

·         B2B meetings, pre-scheduled appointments with Exhibitors

·         Access to the International Lounge, a reserved area with dedicated services such as refreshments, meeting area, interpreting service, etc.

·         Welcome kit (Trade Show catalogue, pocket guide, etc.)

·         Dedicated shuttle service to/from the hotels and the Bologna International Airport

·         Networking events to get in touch with Italian and European poultry chain suppliers and other hosted buyers



Shuttle service   -   Hotels - Forlì Exhibition Center


A shuttle service reserved to Foreign Buyers and Guests is available on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th connecting the hotels “Rosa del Deserto” in Castrocaro Terme and “Masini” in Forlì to the Fiera di Forlì Exhibition Center in the morning, and back in the afternoon.



Dept. Castrocaro – hotel “Rosa del Deserto”                          8.30

Arr. Fiera di Forlì                                                                                           9.00

Dept. hotel Masini - Forlì                                                                         9.15

Arr. Fiera di Forlì                                                                                           9.30


Dept. Fiera di Forlì                                                                                     18.00

Arr. hotel Masini – Forlì                                                                          18.15

Dept. Fiera di Forlì                                                                                     18.30

Arr. Castrocaro – hotel “Rosa del Deserto”                             19.00


Shuttle Bus Service - Bologna airport to hotels and hotels to Bologna airport

A shuttle bus service from the Bologna International Airport to Forlì is available on March 26th, for Foreign Buyers and Guests of “FierAvicola 2019”. The same service is scheduled on the opposite direction on March 29th Friday.

The service is first reserved to International Guests of Fiera di Forlì, and is available also to other professional visitors and exhibitors according to seat availability.


1.       Timetable


Tuesday, March 26th


dept. Bologna Int.'l Airport                        11.30     14.30     18.00     23.00

arr. Forlì Railway Station                            12.30     15.30     19.00     24.00

arr. Forlì - Hotel Masini                                 12.45     15.45      19.15     00.15

arr. Castrocaro Terme                                   13.15      16.15      19.45     00.30


Friday, March 29th


dept. Castrocaro Terme                                7.45                       13.45

dept. Forlì - Hotel Masini                              8.15                        14.15

dept. Forlì Exhibition Center                    8.30                       14.30

arr. Bologna Int.'l Airport                             9.30                       15.30


2.        Welcome assistance at “G. Marconi” International Airport – Bologna

International Guests of Fiera di Forlì will be welcomed by the Fiera di Forlì staff at the “Arrival” exit area: they will receive information and assistance on site, for the shuttle service and other needs and requirements they may have.


3.      Shuttle bus park at “G. Marconi” International Airport - Bologna

At the exit of the Airport terminal, keep left to the bus parking area as indicated in the map here below (click to open the image).


Via Punta di Ferro, 2
47122 Forlì
P.IVA/C.F. 02377040403 


Phone: Tel. +39 0543 1991928

Reserved Area