General Information

The most significant figures of the 2021 edition:
• 5,000 square metres of exhibition space
• 150 exhibitors

Why is FierAvicola worth a visit?
FierAvicola is the leading trade fair dedicated to the poultry industry in Italy and one of the leading B2B trade fairs in Europe. The new premises of the exhibition, the growing number of Italian and foreign companies participating, the dynamic areas, and a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting innovation and internationalisation are the features that make it a strategic showcase for professionals operating in the national and international poultry industry. 
 FierAvicola aims to showcase and enhance global excellence in the industry, focusing on quality throughout the production process right through to the end product.
FierAvicola represents the entire supply chain, with 18 sectors involved: Breeding and Genetics, Incubation and Hatching, Breeding Systems and Equipment, Feed Systems, Feed, Additives and Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary and Hygiene Products, Egg Processing and Packaging Systems, Slaughter, Meat Processing and Packaging Systems, Eggs and Egg Products, Processed Meat, Organic Products, Refrigeration, Transport and Logistics, Livestock Housing and Facilities, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Used in Livestock, Alternative Energies Services, Waste Disposal and Treatment Plants, Consultancy and Marketing Services.

FierAvicola has invested in the growing global market demand and is expanding its international network.

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