General Information

The  FierAvicola  Poultry  Forum  &  B2B  is  a  
biennial  international  event,  organised  by  FierAvi-
cola, which is held in place of the exhibition.It is a
three-day event featuring conferences, business me-
etings and scientific sessions.

An opportunity for sector professionals
and  Italian  and  international  companies  
operating in the poultry industry to get to-
gether and exchange experiences.

The topics covered will include highly topical is-
sues such as technologies that promote animal wel-
fare,  the  digitalisation  of  the  poultry  supply  chain,  
and  new  frontiers  in  animal  nutrition. 

More  than 1,000 managers and specialists in the poultry indu-
stry are expected to attend this three-day event, to
be held at the Rimini Expo Centre (East entrance).
For all the events, participation is free of charge after registering on

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