Developments in poultry farming at a conference organised by Assoavi and Unaitalia under the patronage of WPSA and SIPA

Alessio Mammi, Regional Councillor for Agriculture, was present to reaffirm the Region's commitment alongside poultry associations.

(Rimini 8 September) Yesterday, FierAvicola, the international trade show dedicated to the poultry industry, hosted the panel "Poultry farming of the future between sustainability and animal welfare", organised by Assoavi and Unaitalia under the patronage of WPSA and SIPA.

The event, introduced and coordinated by Stefano Gagliardi, saw several interventions, with a main focus on the current situation and possible developments for the poultry sector, that plays a major role throughout the country and, in particular, in Emilia Romagna. The region, in fact, is characterised by a strong poultry vocation in the agro-food system, both in terms of production (29% of the national total for meat, 20% of egg production) and for the presence of important processing and marketing realities (45% of national egg products originate in the region), with consequent positive effects on employment and development of value for the territory.

The speech by Martino Cassandro, President of WPSA, the Italian Scientific Aviculture Association, provided an overview of the current situation in the poultry sector and important elements both in terms of the quantity of volumes produced and the impact on the system, highlighting one of the main challenges that affects the poultry system: fake news.

Before the meeting, the associations sent a document to the Region in which they retraced the path they had taken together, while recognising its importance and their commitment in guaranteeing a particular attention to the context in which new installation are located, as well as adopting production elements that ensure environmental protection, energy sustainability and animal welfare.

Mr. Mammi agreed with the document presented by the associations and confirmed the Region's commitment to both simplifying procedures and providing rewards for those who decide to invest in the demanded direction, recognising that livestock is a fundamental sector in terms of the wealth produced and the protection of the territory.

The President of Unaitalia, Antonio Forlini, concluded the meeting by expressing his appreciation for the process undertaken and emphasising the need to develop an effective communication strategy that would better convey the associations' commitment to creating livestock farms that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.
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