A successful debut: spotlight on the poultry industry at the Poultry Forum

(Rimini, 11 May 2022) Seven conferences, 150 participants on average per session, 40 speakers, and several meetings with institutions. Following the opening speech by Stefano Patuanelli, the Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, other speakers at the Poultry Forum included Andrea Costa, Undersecretary for Health, Senator Francesco Battistoni, Undersecretary of State, MiPAAF and Ministry of Health executives, and Alessio Mammi, Councillor for Agriculture of Emilia-Romagna. This three-day event with discussions and networking was attended by the entire supply chain, including producers, feed producers, cutting-edge technology companies, and scientific associations.
The gala dinner held at the end of the event was another informal opportunity for participants to interact and continue their discussions, with about 150 people representing companies and authorities that gave speeches during the Poultry Forum.
Renzo Piraccini, President of Fieravicola, said: ‘We are extremely satisfied with this first edition, which turned the spotlight on the poultry industry, an extraordinary industry that needs to network and work together as a whole, and this event proved to be a great opportunity to do so. Most importantly, it is a major achievement to have brought together the entire poultry supply chain on this occasion’.
Lara Sanfrancesco, Director General of Unaitalia, explained: ‘The Poultry Forum has turned out to be a golden opportunity to get a better idea of the challenges that lie ahead: we need to be increasingly able to adapt to crisis situations and become even more resilient, as this has enabled us to deal with the pandemic first and with market uncertainties today. As for Europe, we strongly promote white meat and eggs as an essential part of a balanced diet, and intend to fight off attempts by lobbies to impose diets that cut out animal protein in favour of synthetic food. Domestically, in order to address the issue of rising production costs and minimise the impact on consumers, the industry is willing to discuss this with all the players involved, particularly distribution, in order to find common solutions’.
Stefano Gagliardi, Director General of Assoavi, commented: ‘Over the last few days, we have addressed the key issues affecting the entire supply chain by discussing, planning and devising solutions to the critical issues facing us all. I sincerely believe that the main goal of this meeting has been achieved: to get together and give the industry all the attention it deserves, especially if we consider the challenges we had to deal with on a daily basis. This convivial gathering, with more than 150 companies and institutions participating, was also a chance for all players in the supply chain to strengthen networking’.
This professional event was organised by Fieravicola in collaboration with Assoavi (the Association of Italian egg producers), Unaitalia (National Union of Meat and Egg Food Chains), and scientific associations in the industry such as WPSA (World’s Poultry Science Association), SIPA (Italian Society of Avian Pathology), and ASIC (L’Associazione Scientifica Italiana di Coniglicoltura, the Italian branch of the WRSA - World Rabbit Science Association).
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